Alain LEHNER elected President of AVENIA

06 Jan 2014

On January 29th 2013, elections were held at the newly established Pole de Compétitivité Avenia and we are pleased to announce that Alain LEHNER, representing SEMM Logging, was elected President.

Alain LEHNER, ex Director of the Resources Division at TOTAL, had a prolific career with TOTAL and has been at the heart of TOTAL’s great expansion and major discoveries. Today, he represents SEMM Logging on a variety of strategic issues and offers guidance and vision to SEMM Logging for continually innovating and being at the forefront of the industry’s needs.

Avenia is an industry initiative regrouping approximately 60 companies, with major leaders in the energy sector. The two major objectives of AVENIA are to promote the development of technologies in the geosciences field and facilitate strategic partnerships in three identified areas of activity : upstream oil & gas, geothermal and underground storage (natural gas, CO2, Energy).


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