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03 Jan 2018

Our wishes 2018 A year full of new dreams

Success, happiness and sharing We are looking forward to this New Year, Hoping that our collaboration continues to be so successful, My best wishes!


16 Jan 2014

Oilfield 2"1/2 stackable tools

(125°C – 86 MPa ) – Modules : Telemetry Litho-Density Full Waveform Sonic (Long Space Sonic) Compensated Neutron Gamma Spectroscopy Dual Laterolog Dual Induction Tension Compression Micro resistivity Imaging (Tool availability upon request) Ultrasonic Noise (Tool availability upon request) COMBINABILITY (175°C – 140 Mpa) – Modules : Tools availability upon request Telemetry / GR / CCL Sprectrum […]