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For more than 10 years, SEMM Logging has been the major European company in the field of borehole geophysical measurements. With experience built on hundreds of successful missions throughout the world for the most demanding customers, SEMM Logging is proud to be the leader.

Our vision is to be the partner of your most daring challenges and to provide your project with quality, safety and responsiveness.

Constantly adapting to the expectations in the field of logging, SEMM Logging anticipates the needs of tomorrow and offers innovative solutions today.



Quality and performance of the measurements

Unique calibration facilities in europe

SEMM Logging implements a systematic control policy for the calibration of its measurement equipment thanks to it’s facilities which are unique in Europe : reference boreholes, accredited calibration benches, calibrators.

Authorisation from the nuclear safety authority

SEMM Logging has been authorised by the ASN (French Nuclear Safety Authority) to possess, handle and export throughout the world, the sealed radioactive sources needed in order to perform nuclear measurements.

Quality & security

SEMM Logging is ISO 9001 certified. As such, the company ensures the traceability and data confidentiality of its customers by means of a secure service.




Training and compliance with qhse procedures at the heart of our trade

An internal QHSE system validated by the major oil and mining companies

Safety of personnel and equipment as well as the respect for the environment are priorities for SEMM Logging with this in mind, the company has set up a rigourous HSE system that has been validated by the major mining and oil companies.

Training of our personnel, being one of the key components of this system, SEMM Logging has established a continuous training programme for all their staff (workplace first aid, handling and transportation of radioactive sources, driving of all-terrain vehicles, etc.)

Finally, SEMM Logging has partnered with the worldwide leader, International SOS, to ensure the safety of its personnel located in remote project areas.



Quick deployment capacity under extreme conditions

The SEMM Logging logistics department can meet your urgent requirements throughout the world by adapting its teams and its means to your jobsite objectives. Having a culturally diversified workforce enables us to quickly adapt to the most extreme conditions in the field, while respecting the local cultures and lifestyles: a key success factor for our missions.



Environmental and social commitment

Global approach and local development

SEMM Logging is implementing a local sustainable development policy that focuses on concrete actions : systematic hiring of local employees, contribution to the training of local technicians and engineers, assistance with humanitarian and cultural initiatives.