Geotechnical (Infrastructure projects)

SEMM Logging supports the major geotechnical players in the different phases of their projects :

  • Identification
  • Diagnostics
  • Follow-up


Ground stability, Calculation of mechanical parameters, Structural study, Control of structural integrity, etc..

SEMM Logging added value

  • Work in galleries, dams, barges and more generally on sites with complex access (caterpillar, quad, portable equipment, helicopter, etc…)
  • Gamma and Neutron radioactive sources active permit/accreditation in France for nuclear measurements (can be extended to Western Europe when required))

and Geothermal Energy

SEMM Logging supports drilling companies and engineering firms specialized in hydrogeology and geothermal energy by offering a comprehensive range of services covering the entire life cycle of the assets :

  • Construction
  • Reception
  • Diagnostics / Control
  • Abandonment


    • Lithological characterization, Location and quantification of water inlets, Optimization of cement quantities, Physical and chemical characteristics of the water, Casing and cement control
    • Verification of productivity, Borehole control, Determination of the temperature of aquifers, Determination of the hydrodynamic characteristics of reservoirs, Assessment of the completion of wells, Measurement of the deviation of the wells before installation of pumps

    SEMM Logging added value

    • Cement control/evaluation by density measurement in the case of big diameters and water free sections (nuclear tools)
    • Cement bond logs in PVC casings


    SEMM Logging supports engineering firms specialized in the environment for issues related to :

    • Polluted sites and soils
    • Post mining activities
    • Natural hazards

      Natural hazards

      Localization of pollutants (chemicals, radioactive products, etc.), localization and inspection of mining galleries, control of the integrity of old mine shafts, stability of cliffs, etc.

      SEMM Logging added value

      • Nuclear authorizations/accreditations
      • Differentiation of radioelements (U, Th, Na)
      • Selective downhole sampling

      Mining and Quarries

      SEMM Logging provides the mining industry and quarry operators with flexible and innovative solutions for :

      • Evaluation of resources
      • Characterization of deposits
      • Extension of production


        Evaluation of in situ resources, structure of deposits, cores stratigraphic correlation, stability of quarry faces

        SEMM Logging added value

        20 years of international experience for the major mining companies (BHP, RIO TINTO, VALE …)