Service offering

SEMM Logging is specialized in providing Wireline Logging services for the last 40 years, for all types of wells drilled by the industry and communities, within the limits of the technical specifications of the probes being used.

The measurements obtained will make it possible to characterize, among other things;

  • – the geometry and trajectory of the boreholes,
  • – the nature and structure of the formations crossed by them,
  • – the mechanical integrity of the casings,
  • – the fluid contained in the latter.

Deployment conditions

SEMM Logging performs measurements in vertical, horizontal, deviated and ascending boreholes, up to 2000m, 70 °C and 200bars.

SEMM Logging deliver services on all terrains and sites starting frombasic access up to those with complex access(galleries, dams, barges, etc.) requiring specific means to operate (push rods, portable equipment, caterpillar, quad, helicopter, etc.)

Measurement’s benchmarking


Tool (200bars, 70 deg.C)


Hole diameter 3 or 4 arms calipers
Well trajectory (inclination and azimuth) Gyroscopic

Borehole fluid

Temperature, conductivity and pH Multi-purpose sonde
Flow Flowmeter
Sampling Downhole sampler


Casing inspection Axial and Radial Video-cameras
Cement evaluation Cement bond log
Casing collar location CCL


Natural radiation Gamma Ray and Spectral Gamma Ray
Resistivity, Conductivity and Spontaneous Potential Laterolog and Induction
Density Nuclear Gamma tool
Nuclear Neutron tool


Dips and fractures – Optical Imaging Optical televiewer
Dips and fractures – Acoustic Imaging Borehole acoustic televiewer
Velocity Full Wave Sonic and Micro-seismic