Chantier Géothermie – forage à l’Albien en région Parisienne

Opération technique sur un ouvrage géothermique à l’Albien en région parisienne ; SEMM Logging au service des collectivités pour le suivi de leur parc d’ouvrages !



Actu chantier / Worksite News

New successful technical and logistical challenge for SEMM logging with the rapid mobilization of a complete workshop on the Réunion island. On site, the soil presents strong lateral and vertical heterogeneities. It is therefore critical to carry out micro-seismic...

Actu chantier / Worksite News

A new success story for the SEMM Logging team. A bottomhole viewer tool, stuck at 260m depth, has been fished in record time surprising even the drillers on site. The tool returned to surface still on and in working conditions.